At Empowered Ageing we are different from other aged care providers. We specialise in true self managed home care.

With Empowered Ageing

  • You receive more support worker hours.
  • You receive payments reimbursing aged care expenses.
  • You directly instruct support workers what to do.
  • You choose who enters your home and when.

Empowered Ageing is all about giving you access to the funding you are entitled to without you signing it away to a big mob. With us, you get to decide how and when to spend your aged care funds.

Empowered Ageing helps people continue to live well in their home instead of needing to move into residential care, by facilitating the funding of home care services. Empowered Ageing supports self managed aged care by enabling people to access government funding for aged care, to fund home care services arranged directly by the aged person themself, or by their appointed advocate. This allows the client to directly purchase home care services such as cleaning, personal support, nursing or disability aids with the government funding. We empower people to run their own affairs, rather than tell people what they get and expect them to be grateful.

We can help you recruit support workers and help you successfully manage them. We are happy to advise and but will not interfere in the running of your household.

So, to paraphrase a previous Australian prime minister; "You will decide who comes into your home and the circumstances in which they work."

We are innovative and willing to listen. Phone us on:
1300 105 106

What We Are Not

  • We are not associated with a church.
  • We are not a charity.
  • We are not an agency for support workers.
  • We are not a large inflexible bureaucracy.
  • We are not merely rebadging an old existing service as "Self Managed".

What We Are

  • We are a business.
  • We are respectful of our clients.
  • We know that even though you may need some assistance, you are still yourself with a lot of life experience and wisdom.
  • We connect you with government funding for your support, and we take care of the "red tape".
  • We inform you what the government will fund, and help you pay for the authorised assistance.
  • We believe in dignity, privacy and empowerment.