We facilitate true self managed home care by directly paying or reimbursing you for hiring your own care workers and for many other aged care expenses.

How it works

  1. We prepare a care plan and a care budget with you our client, and will revise the plans from time to time. Your care plan and your care budget are useful guides, work within them.
  2. You talk to us at Empowered Ageing to check your planned expense is OK to be reimbursed.
  3. You hire the care worker, or cleaner, or purchase equipment, or whatever expense as needed.
  4. You collect invoices, receipts and supporting documentation if required.
  5. You preferably email or otherwise send the invoices or recipts to us. You might have to scan a receipt so you can email it to us. You communicate clearly if you want Empowered Ageing to pay the an invoice directly to your supplier, or to reimburse you as you have already paid it.
    You send bills to us as you incur the expense or collate and send several once a month. Depending upon your arrangements, we may be able to mostly automate your claims. Perhaps you arrange for your support worker or service to send their invoices directly to Empowered Ageing for direct payment. We will talk to you about this.
  6. We at Empowered Ageing assess your month's claim against allowable costs as in your care plan, and available funds.
  7. Empowered Ageing reimburses you by transferring money into your bank account, or by paying your supplier, as per your instructions.
  8. Payments and reimbursements are limited by the funds available in your client account.
  9. Empowered Ageing will send you statements explaining payments and reimbursements, our fees, received subsidies, and the running balance of your care funds. Your monthly statement will indicate what funds you have available, and so how much you can claim next month.