We facilitate true self managed home care by reimbursing you for hiring your own care workers and for many other aged care expenses.

Traditional aged care providers collect your money from the government then send care workers into your home. This means the workers will only do what the provider tells them, and you have little or no control over who comes and what they do. Changes in instructions to the care workers have to go through the provider’s office.

We take a different approach. We respect the fact that you have run your life for years and can continue to do so. We empower you to recruit your own care workers, with our help only if you need it, so you control what they do, when and how. You get to change your priorities and you decide how to spend the funding.

With Empowered Ageing, you get to decide who comes into your home and the manner in which they work.

Empowered Ageing:

  • Is an Approved Aged Care Provider.
  • Deals with the ‘red tape’.
  • Helps you pay for care aids and workers.
  • Reimburses funds into your bank account.
  • Has low fees.
  • Does not charge exit fees.
  • Makes your funding go further, delivering more care to you.
  • Allows you to control your care.
  • Helps you recruit and manage care workers yourself.
  • Is a fresh new approach to home care.

How it works

  1. You contact us and we will help you through the process to receive your government funding and how to run your own care.
  2. You have an ACAT assessment to be approved and assigned a Home Care Package.
  3. We prepare a care plan and budget with you, explaining what expenses are allowable for funding.
  4. You recruit care workers and purchase equipment, or we can do it for you.
  5. You pay your care workers and purchase aids. We can set this up to be easy for you.
  6. You submit reimbursement claims with copies of invoices. Again, we can make this easy.
  7. We deposit reimbursements into your bank account for allowable claims up to the available funds.
  8. We provide you monthly statements explaining subsidies, payments, fees, reimbursements and available funds.

Empowered Ageing specialises in true self managed home care. We are new and very different from the big industry organisations.

We do not run nursing homes. We are not a large inflexible bureaucracy. We are not an agency for care workers. We are not part of a church. We are not a charity.

We are a business and we respect our clients as customers. Call us.

My Aged Care

The Federal government has created a website to help people navigate the aged care system in Australia. This is a substantial website with a large amount of information. My Aged Care also runs a call centre to answer questions about aged care and to help people access aged care.
The My Aged Care phone number is 1800 200 422 and is answered by helpful people.


ACAT stands for Aged Care Assessment Team. Each Local Health District should have an ACAT working out of a local public hospital. ACAT members are usually health professionals such as nurses, occupational therapists, or social workers. These team members have training in assessing the needs of potential aged care recipients. During an assessment they ask a lot of questions, including personal questions, about your health and lifestyle. The questions are to find out if you have a genuine need for aged care in your home.

If you are assessed to need home care the ACAT member will approve you for a Home Care Package. Home Care Packages are either Level 1, Level 2, Level 3 or Level 4 which come with different subsidy amounts.

Home Care Packages

Before you can receive funding for home care you need an ACAT assessment and to be approved for a Home Care Package.
Being approved means you are recognised as being eligible for a home care package.
Being assigned means you have been allocated funding for a home care package.

It is common for people who get approved for the higher levels of funding to initially be assigned a lower package. For example, you could be approved for level 4 but assigned level 2, and placed on a waiting list for a level 4 package. Waiting lists for home care are managed by My Aged Care. There are waiting lists because there is insufficient government funding to cover everyone approved for the higher packages.

Recruiting Care Workers

We suggest you sign up as a customer with at least one of these care worker online platforms / portals / marketplaces / brokers. They run similar models to each other whereby people seeking work as care workers upload information about themselves. Care recipients can browse through listings of potential care workers, and you can run searches based upon various criteria to find suitable care workers. You then contact the potential worker through the online portal, meet them and negotiate terms of work and pay.

We list some of these online markplaces on our contact-others page. Note that Empowered Ageing does not expressly endorse any as they are completely separate businesses from us.

Generally, these online portals make their money by charging the care workers a commission. Therefore, their system will have the worker report how many hours they work, issue invoices and/or receipts to the care recipient, and handle payments so the online portal can collect their fees. That is, once you engage the care worker and they start work, they will report via the portal the hours they work. The portal will charge you for the hours reported, plus the portal's fee, usually directly to your credit card. The portal will generate invoices which are ideal for supporting reimbursement claims with Empowered Ageing.

Contract care workers usually charge more to work on weekends, public holidays and night hours. Many workers are only available to work at the times they specify. Remember, they probably have other clients too. They should make their rates and availability clear before you agree to hire them, and you should consider this when making arrangements for when they are to come to help you. Your funds will buy more worker hours on weekdays than on weekends.

Many of the potential candidates will be seeking only part time work. There are students studying a health related course. There are people working full time in a related field seeking a few more hours work per week. There are parents returning to the workforce after raising children, or while their children are at school. There are semi-retired people who want to contribute to the community in paid work. The workforce is culturally diverse, so you should be able to find someone who knows your language, foods, etcetera.

Perhaps you already have someone in mind who would be your care worker, and you want to use your care funds to pay them. This is something Empowered Ageing will look at, asking about their qualifications, experience and suitability.

Empowered Ageing will cheerfully help you find care workers. We can also help in checking their credentials and advise you how to establish a successful working relationship with your workers.

Honesty Warning

Empowered Ageing facilitates funding for self sourced care. We respect the rules and the spirit of the law. We will not facilitate rorting the system.

We expect our clients to be honest in claims for aged care expenses, and in all their dealings with us.