These are real stories of how Empowered Ageing has delivered practical common sense solutions, solving client frustrations.

Please do what I ask today, not what you were told months ago!

A client wanted to issue fresh instructions each time the domestic assistance worker visited. However, under the previous provider the workers answered to their supervisor back at the office and would only follow the printed care plan as revised annually. The workers were re-cleaning rooms which had not been used since their last weekly visit. The client felt disempowered and went without the assistance actually needed.

Empowered Ageing avoids bureaucratic layers. With Empowered Ageing the care workers now answer directly to the client and do varying tasks as asked each week.

Don't have me run out of catheters!

A client needed catheters and had been purchasing them for many years, occasionally changing which type as per medical advice, sometimes having to buy them urgently, and cared about privacy. They hoped the government funding could contribute to this cost. Their previous provider insisted that to be funded, any such supply of aids must be ordered through their office and they would then order from the provider’s preferred supplier. The potential delays of this process were unacceptable as they could cause medical emergencies. The client worried they might forget to order replacements in time and gave up on the process as too hard, so kept charging catheters onto their credit card.

Empowered Ageing simply reimburses catheter invoices in full after purchase by the client.

I need more assistance!

A client needed more hours of care but could not get more funding.

Empowered Ageing enabled the client to hire care workers directly instead of through an aged care provider. The contract care workers charge an hourly rate which is lower than what the previous aged care provider charged for providing care workers. Removing the ‘middleman’ makes the funding go further. The client now receives 80% more carer hours than with their previous provider.

I don't want to pay a stranger for a job I can do myself!

A client with dementia and mobility problems fell down the stairs in his house. To reduce this risk he moved his bedroom to a downstairs room, with family help. The downstairs room had a lockable door handle, which presented a problem. Due to his dementia, the client had taken to locking doors as he closed them, unfortunately including his bedroom door. This led to hours without access to his bedroom and the downstairs bathroom. It even led to attempts to climb through the bedroom window to get back into his room.

His family wanted to access government funding to purchase more appropriate non-lockable door handles for his bedroom and to do the install themselves, as they could do it and considered the need urgent.

The procedure with the previous provider was to budget the provider's handyman into the next care plan.

Empowered Ageing said yes, we will support you and your family. The client bought a passage set pair of door handles from the local hardware shop, then his son installed them in the bedroom door. Empowered Ageing reimbursed the cost of the door handle set as per the hardware receipt, paying into the client's bank account. The client can now return to his bedroom whenever he wants.

The difference between the previous aged care provider and Empowered Ageing is stark.
With the previous provider, the family had to either fund it themselves or wait weeks to months to fix the problem.
With the previous provider, the cost of the job would have been higher to cover the cost of the handyman.
With the previous provider, the provider would have charged the handyman's time out at a much higher rate than the handyman would have received, to cover their administrative burden.
With the previous provider, the client would have had to go without other paid carer hours to stay in budget with their client funds.
With the previous provider, the client was expected to passively receive assistance, rather than be empowered to help themselves.